Before you proceed to the ThermoC demonstration, some words of caution are in order:

  • You will only have access to the “web interface” of ThermoC. If you want to run the programs in batch mode, you need to install the software on your own computer.
  • You will be performing the calculations on one of the web servers of the University of Cologne. In order to avoid excessive usage, a CPU time limit of 2 min has been set for each calculation. If this is not sufficient for you, please install the software on your own computer!
  • You will be able to fit new parameter sets for equations of state. But note that you cannot overwrite pre-defined parameter sets! There will be an error message if you try.
  • Note further that everybody on the Internet can see the parameter sets you created, and even overwrite them! We cannot be held responsible for the content of visitor-supplied parameter sets.
  • In order to avoid messing up the website, visitor-supplied parameter sets will be deleted after a while.
  • By taking the link below you consent to our conditions regarding copyright and liability.

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