Kolafa–Nezbeda — Lennard-Jones 12/6

This noncubic EOS describes the behaviour of the Lennard-Jones (= Mie 12-6) fluid. It consists of a hard-sphere repulsion term with a temperature-dependent collision diameter and an empirical attraction term (2-dimensional polynomial). Its coefficients have been fitted to computer simulation data.

The critical compression factor of this EOS is fixed. It is not possible for this EOS to match all 3 critical conditions.

Regions of extreme pressures and temperatures are better represented by the Lennard-Jones EOS of Mecke et al. (CSJS-LJ)

adjustable parameters: 2
The ThermoC parameters are T* = ε/kB and v* = NAσ3.

[1] J. Kolafa, I. Nezbeda, Fluid Phase Equilib. 100 (1996) 1–34.

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