Wagner–Setzmann Lennard-Jones reference

This is an empirical high-precision reference equation for the Lennard-Jones (= Mie 12-6) fluid, which was obtained by fitting a Wagner–Setzmann EOS to a large amount of computer simulation data [1]. It is supposed to be a replacement for the EOS of Mecke et al., and it is indeed superior under most circumstances. But at very high pressures the Amagat curve (a.k.a. Joule inversion curve, one of Brown's characteristic curves) of the new EOS show distortions, and then the old EOS might be preferable.

The same equation, but with a different parameter set, can be used to describe a fluid with a “shifted and truncated Lennard-Jones potential” with a cut-off at 2.5 σ units [2].

adjustable parameters: 2

[1] M. Thol, G. Rutkai, A. Köster, R. Lustig, R. Span, and J. Vrabec, J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 45 (2016) 023101.

[2] M. Thol, G. Rutkai, R. Span, J. Vrabec, and R. Lustig, Int. J. Thermophys. 36 (2015) 25–43.

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