Equations of state

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code equation of state
BACK: Boublík–Alder–Chen–Kreglewski
BNJS-2LJ: mod. Boublík–Nezbeda repulsion + Jacobsen–Stewart attraction: 2-center Lennard-Jones fluid
CS: Carnahan–Starling repulsion term only
CSD: Carnahan–Starling repulsion * Dieterici attraction
CSJS-LJ: mod. Carnahan–Starling repulsion + Jacobsen–Stewart attraction: Lennard-Jones fluid
CSRK: Carnahan–Starling repulsion + Redlich–Kwong attraction
CSvdW: Carnahan–Starling repulsion + van der Waals attraction
D1: Deiters
D1A: Deiters + chain association
EW: “Erpenbeck–Wood hard-sphere reference”
GEOS: “Generalized cubic EOS”
GERG: GERG-2004 natural gas reference
IAPWS: IAPWS water reference
IUPAC-N2: IUPAC nitrogen reference
IUPAC-O2: IUPAC oxygen reference
JS: Jacobsen–Stewart/Bender/Schmidt–Wagner reference
KN-LJ: Kolafa–Nezbeda: Lennard-Jones fluid
LJ: Lemmon–Jacobsen reference
mBWR1-LJ: modified Benedict–Webb–Rubin: Lennard-Jones fluid
(EOS of Nicolas et al.)
mBWR2-nLJ: modified Benedict–Webb–Rubin: Lennard-Jones fluid
(EOS of Johnson et al., with an extension to handle flexible tangent-sphere chain molecules)
Mxw2RK: soft sphere repulsion + Redlich–Kwong attraction
Mxw2vdW: soft sphere repulsion + van der Waals attraction
Mxw2vdWA: soft sphere repulsion + vdW + chain association
PCSAFT: perturbed chain statistical associating fluid theory
PCP-SAFT200*, PC-SAFTP*: polar perturbed chain statistical associating fluid theory
PR, PR78: Peng–Robinson
PT1, PT2: Patel–Teja
QC-LJ: Quiñones-Cisneros: Lennard-Jones fluid
QC1: Quiñones-Cisneros
RK: Redlich–Kwong (original T-dependence)
RKHJ: Redlich–Kwong–Heidaryan–Jarrahian
RKS: Redlich–Kwong–Soave
SL: Sanchez–Lacombe
SPHCT: simplified perturbed hard chain
sSPHCT: soft-core simplified perturbed hard chain
TBS: Trebble–Bishnoi–Salim, with generalized or optimized coefficients
vdW: van der Waals
vtPR: volume-translated Peng–Robinson
vtPR-xhc: volume-translated Peng–Robinson for hydrocarbons at high pressures and temperatures
WS: Wagner–Setzmann reference
WS-CO2: Wagner–Span carbon dioxide reference
WS-LJ, WS-LJst: Wagner–Setzmann: fluid having Lennard-Jones or “shifted and truncated” Lennard-Jones pair interactions
WSsh: Span–Wagner short: non- and weakly polar fluids
XD: Xiang–Deiters generalized corresponding states theory:
YKchvdW: Yelash–Kraska chain, quartic repulsion + vdW attraction